Wednesdays at Horeb

Things are gradually changing at Horeb on Wednesday mornings.

The Fruit and Veg Coop remains an important part of the day, with bag numbers slowly climbing up again after their decline over the past year.

On a recent Wednesday Pauline gave a cookery demonstration using some of the produce that the Coop provides. Cauliflower rice for the slimmers, sweet corn muffins for the curious and nectarine and ginger ice cream for the non-calorie conscious, with plenty of samples. This will happen on the third Wednesday of each month.

Then Allan now cudgels our brains with a weekly quiz which varies in type but is always challenging. A modest prize for winners is recompense for the £1 it costs to enter.

The Community Lunch remains as popular as ever with between 30 and 40 diners sitting down to a two course cooked meal on the first Wednesday of the month.

We hope soon to add a source of local information and help on occasional Wednesdays.

And of course tea, coffee and biscuits are always available, with the added pleasure of a visit in term-time from the Hiraddug Play Group to jump things up!

If you don’t already, you could call in: you won’t regret it!