Salt of the Earth

After 108 years the churches still set aside the time of St Paul’s conversion as an occasion to pray for the union of Christendom. That gives some indication of how important the quest is. It is certain that much progress has been made since 1908, but still our prayers are needed.

Dyserth and District churches gathered in St Michael’s Church Trelawnyd on Sunday 24th January, with the theme, The Salt of the Earth, a service prepared by Latvian Christians. Robert Rowlands and David Salsbury led the service, with lay people from all three denominations. Candles were lit and salt was tasted.

Our minister, giving the address, reminded us that although salt has had a bad press recently in health terms when we have too much of it, it is essential for life, used for preserving and for giving that tastiness to life. Can salt lose its saltiness? Presumably not!  Christ’s people must always be the Salt of the Earth.