PRAXIS – Horeb’s Magazine

PRAXIS – January, 2022

We Celebrate Christmas

Not, perhaps, exactly as we would have wished, but with joy and hope. On Christmas Day no fewer than twenty five people came to the service!

The church had been decorated by members, including Graeme, who arranged the strings of lights, a job he has done for a good many years now. There were presents by the tree for North Wales Superkids, as well as a good amount of money and this year our knitters had been busier than ever, with a collection of hats and gloves for the older youngsters. There was a good amount of money given, also, for Shelter Cymru for their vital work with homeless people in Wales, money which in previous years had come from the Christmas Eve Carol Service and for Christian Aid, who work across the world bringing hope. To everyone who came, took part and gave so generously we give heartfelt thanks.