Pie Power – fun at the Pie-fest

The Pandy Lane Pie Fest lived up to its name! The PIE theme stretched the imagination at times, as the piepulace were invited to eat pie (not the humble sort), roll pies, guess the weight of pies, buy pies, enter pie-&-spoon races, pie-rograph their pies, buy plants like pie-rocantha and pie-tunias, go in for a pie raffle and ‘pie’ their unfavourite politicians.
While the weather was not absolutely piefect, it didn’t rain and everyone, especially the children, had a great time. Four o’clock came round all too soon, and the stalwart band of workers set about taking down all the stuff they had put up a few hours earlier.

Thanks to Pauline and David for their wonderful garden, all the workers and everyone who came. Having counted up we in excess of £350 profit.

So we come to the end of a piefect day…