On the Great Wall to St Kentigern’s

Our Harvest Supper has, over the years, become a chance to look beyond our own place and see what people are doing to bring help and hope to those who need it. This year our gaze focused on the other side of the world to China, where nineteen local folk, led by Canon Clive Southerton, trekked on the Great Wall to raise money to increase the number of beds in our local hospice, St Kentigern’s.

Because of the China connection the Harvest Supper food was both Chinese and Welsh. chicken sweet-and-sour, beef-andonion,  pork-and-mushroom, prawn crackers, spring rolls and lychees, shared the table with ham and salad, biscuits and cheese.

Clive’s talk was illustrated with pictures which showed how hard some of the going was. He was able to tell us that the trek and all the associated money raising events had raised over £91,500; and our event added another £100 to this.

Thanks to everyone who made this event such a good occasion.