Gifts, Guests and Glory

What dominates our lives in the Christmas season? Certainly gifts, given and received are a big part of Christmas; not just the personal gifts we exchange among families and friends, important though they are. At Horeb we were glad to make gifts – over £250 for Shelter Cymru and almost £100 for Christian Aid.

We welcome guests into our homes and enjoy feasting with them, and that’s good too. We welcomed guests to Horeb: over a hundred to our Christmas Eve service and nearly fifty on Christmas Day.

But what suffuses through the whole season is God’s glory found by shepherds, wise men and Mary and Joseph in the stories. We tried to see that glory, display it, share it and enshrine it in everything we do. The words of Scripture, the words of Carols, the representations of the Nativity in light and colour is all aimed to show the Glory of God to a fearful world.

But God’s glory is not just for Christmas, but for every day in 2017 and beyond as well: that’s what we mean when we say, Happy New Year!