Fairtrade Fortnight – Banana Power!

On average each person in the UK eats 10kg bananas a year – about 100 bananas! In Britain, we eat over five billion bananas every year. All of which makes Fairtrade bananas one of the most important items in the Fairtrade list.

That is why, in Fairtrade Fortnight this year we focused on that fruit. Though the event had been well advertised the attendance was small.  But it rated as one of the most fun filled and eye opening evenings.

A quiz about who benefits from the sale of bananas showed that the supermarket gets thirty times what the grower gets. We played a brand new banana game designed by Edward Richards who designs educational games for major charities. It was fun to see Heather and Serena and Jeni dashing about shouting their offers and trading bits of a cardboard banana.

Refreshments were entirely banana based: banana curry, banana juice drink, banana fool and banana cakes of many kinds were all tried and generally liked!

Dressing up in a banana suit was less popular among those who were persuaded to try! Then we all played the latest craze, Bananagrams.