A Day at the Races – the 2015 Horeb Garden Party

What are the odds on the weather being good?

The weather teased us right up to the last minute! At 1.00 p.m. the rain was lashing down. The tables were awash and the umbrellas were up. By 1.15 the rain had stopped. In the summer heat the grass rapidly dried out. Tables and chairs were wiped down. At 2.00 a trickle of people came. By 2.30 the sun was shining and the numbers coming through the gate increased.

Soon the tea, canapés and scones were moving well aided by Barbara and Elizabeth. In his new role David the race manager was urging the public to place their bets, and Honest Heather at the Tote was raking in the 50 pences. Pam, Serena and the twins were doing a brisk trade in cakes, jam and piccalilli; children were sack racing and egg-and-spooning, Mary was raffling, while Colin was doing a steady trade engraving fairy doors for small children. The going was good!

Our grateful thanks again to Dave and Pauline for their garden, and to the small army of workers who brought and took back chairs, tables and equipment from the church. The result was over £300 and a lot of people who had had a good time.

garden party_2015_2