Dyserth Community Fruit and Veg Coop

This information represents the way the Food Co-op ran before its closure as a result of the pandemic.

It is hoped that when we are able to do so, we will re-open in order to provide a similar service.

The Dyserth Community Fruit and Veg Co-op is a volunteer run co-operative.  It is based in the Paterson Hall at Dyserth Chapel and was open every Wednesday between 10.00am and 1.00pm

Anne Jones AM visits the Coop











Anyone can become a member of the co-op, which supplies vegetables, fruit and salad items at a very reasonable cost – just £4.00 per bag of veg, fruit or salad, or £2.00 for a smaller bag of fruit or veg.  We also supply a mixed bag of veg, fruit and salad for £4.00. Extra large bags are also available for £6.00.  Also for sale each week are loose bananas, baking potatoes, mushrooms, free range eggs and other occasional produce such as grapefruit or Satsuma. All produce is supplied by Huson Farm Produce from Hawarden and some is also grown locally when in season.

What can you expect to get for £4.00?

Typical Content of each £4.00 bag.  (may vary by season and availability)

  • Bag of Veg – 4lb potatoes, 5 carrots, 2 onions + seasonal green vegetables.
  • Bag of Fruit – 4 apples, 3 oranges, 4 bananas, grapes and plums.
  • Bag of Salad – lettuce, spring onions, tomatoes, cucumber, cress.
Some Food Co-op Facts:
  • Non-profit – providing a service to the community of Dyserth
  • Low cost, healthy fruit, veg and salad.
  • Order weekly – payment with order – collect the following week and re-order.
  • Pre-selected bags of fruit, veg or salad.  Excellent Value for money.
  • Run by volunteers
  • Wales based supplier – some produce locally grown when in season.
  • Minimal packaging – environmentally friendly.
  • Delivery possible for elderly housebound residents (restricted area by prior arrangement)

For further details contact us on 01745 889002