What’s in the Bag?

At the Church Meeting held last month we talked briefly about the Synod’s Big Day Out being held on the 2nd July at the Royal Welsh Showground, Llanelwedd.

We mentioned that in preparation for the day each church in the Synod has been given a bright yellow bag into which we are invited to place an item or items that represent the journey our church has been on or is anticipating being on in the years ahead.  What has been helpful? What has sustained us on our journey? What resources have we valued?  The filled bags will be taken to the Big Day Out on 2nd July, collected together and then redistributed so that we will come home with another church’s bag.  We are then invited to examine the contents of this bag and ask ourselves some questions about what these different objects might say to us as we venture forward in faith.

So the question is ‘What objects would represent the journey we are on here at Horeb’?

Having thought a bit about this in the past few weeks I think that this is perhaps a more difficult task than it looks.  For me there are some questions that we need to ask ourselves before just coming up with a list of items that might represent us as a church (which is not actually what we have been asked to do).

The question is about our journey as a church.  Where have we come from – and where do we think we are going?  What it is that keeps us going forward?  What drives us on?   On the one hand it would be quite easy for us to list the things that we do but perhaps more difficult to think about why we do them!

And whilst the question is firstly about the church I think it is also about us as individuals – we who ARE the church.  What keeps you going?  What drives you on?  What sustains you and helps you on your way?  What resources do you value that keep you moving forward and how might we represent these as objects for the whole church to place in our bag for the Big Day Out?

I have some ideas and I hope that you do to!  You are all invited to think ‘outside the bag’, to come up with some interesting and creative suggestions that will not only enable us to do as we have been asked in preparation for the Big Day Out but also help us to think about our journey as a church and consider what has helped us on the way.