The Silly Season is upon us

These few weeks over the summer holiday period are often referred to by the press as the Silly Season. Good news stories are hard to come by so reporters and journalists resort to reporting on the most trivial or ridiculous of things in order to fill a few column inches. In the paper that I usually read there have recently been stories about a drunk squirrel that is said to have caused hundreds of pounds of damage after breaking into a bar in Worcestershire and helping himself to the beer, the chip shop in Aberdeen, said to be the place that first served the deep fried battered Mars bar, being asked by health conscious council workers to remove the banner from the side of the shop that boasted this fact and in today’s paper a full page is devoted to how the British are falling out of love with sausages! The silly season indeed! For the sake of balance there have been some important stories too – like the Greek debt crisis, the impact of the welfare cuts in this country and the constant fear about the rise of ISIS, but the ‘silly’ stories do keep on coming.

It would probably be true to say that I’ve not got much to report either. The summer season brings little news and August threatens to be a quiet month. We’ve not even been on holiday yet so I can’t even tell you about that! However, just before the month is out, on the last Sunday of August, we will have a very special service at Horeb when we will ordain Anwen Noakes and Cindy Cromer as Elders and induct them along with Allan Morgan and Janet Hughes to serve as Elders amongst us for the next three years. It is a few years since we have been up to full strength in the Elders’ meeting so we are grateful that these people have agreed to serve to share in the practical tasks as well as the ministry of leadership and pastoral care that eldership brings.

The Autumn always brings fresh challenges and new activity. It will come around soon enough too so enjoy the Silly Season while it lasts, stock up on deep fried Mars bars and sausages and be on the lookout for squirrels who’ve had too much to drink!