Looking towards Lent

I don’t know about you but I’m always glad to see the back of January!  Not that it’s been a particularly bad month, but it always feels like a bit of a struggle after the Christmas and New Year celebrations.  So as we approach the end of the month, whilst the weather we’ve been having is nothing to write home about, the days are getting noticeably longer and, perhaps due to the wetness and warmth signs of spring are evident already!  As the earth begins to awaken during February, so it seems this year, does the church with various events and activities taking place throughout the month.

As Easter is ‘early’ this year (is it ever actually ‘on time’ one wonders?!) the season of Lent begins on Wednesday 10th Feb – Ash Wednesday.  The first Sunday in Lent therefore is the 14th Feb (also St Valentine’s Day) which is the date that we have set aside for our joint service with Bethel followed by a shared lunch.  The preacher on that day will be Mr Gron Ellis from Gorsedd with other people taking part from both churches.  The service on that day will begin at 10.30am so chance for Horeb folk to have a lie in!

And then on the Thursday following this, the 18th February, we will be holding the first of our five Cytûn Lent Lunches in St Bridget’s hall starting at 12 noon.  Horeb isn’t responsible for making the lunch until the 3rd March but your support for the other lunches is welcomed and appreciated.  The cost is £3 for soup, bread and cheese and a cup of tea with all proceeds going to Christian Aid.  There will also be a Fairtrade stall at these lunches.

With Fairtrade in mind, the very end of February sees the beginning of Fairtrade Fortnight (29th Feb – 13th March).  There will be an event/activity to mark this on Wednesday 24th Feb, running alongside the Food Coop and into the afternoon.  Details about this can be found elsewhere in Praxis.

With all these things going on, and probably more that I haven’t mentioned, it’s a good job that 2016 is a leap year giving us one more day in February in which to fit everything in!  I hope you enjoy the month ahead, and perhaps with Lent in mind, find time to reflect upon both the busy-ness and activity of Jesus’ ministry, but also the impact he had upon the people he met as he journeyed towards Good Friday.  May your life and the life of the church bear witness to this in our busy-ness and business, for the sake of Christ our Lord.