Into the Ordinary…

The Monday after Pentecost marked the beginning of what is known as ‘Ordinary Time’ which, in the church calendar, carries on right until Advent Sunday!   The Day of Pentecost, which we celebrated on Sunday 24th May, was the end of the consecutive seasons of Lent and Easter, seasons which began way back in February on Ash Wednesday.

Ordinary Time sounds like it might be a bit boring doesn’t it? – a period that’s, well, just ordinary and mundane.  In some ways perhaps this is true.  There are no great Christian festival to look forward to and life just carries on until the inevitable countdown to Christmas begins – probably sometime around the beginning of October!

Having said that, ordinary can also be busy, and ordinary can be refreshing too.  There is, it seems, always something going on in the church, perhaps with the exception of the month of August.  The Community Lunch, which is proving very popular, will continue to take place on the first Wednesday of each month.  We are holding our Annual Church Meeting on the 7th June then we have the church Garden Party on the 20th at Glan Rafon and a Contact the Elderly Strawberry Tea the following day on the 21st.   That is in addition to the regular Sunday services and increasing community use of Paterson Hall, which, if you look at the calendar hanging in the hall, is now almost fully booked every evening of the week.  So there really is nothing ‘ordinary’ about this coming month.

And as we approach July and August, ordinary busy-ness might hopefully give way to a more relaxing and refreshing time with summer holidays to look forward to and with any luck a decent helping of good weather.

Ordinary days are also opportunities to give thanks for the ordinary things in life – which in so many ways are far from ordinary but so often are things we take for granted.  Spring and summer are times when the beauty of the earth is displayed in full array – with spectacular sun-sets and flowers in full bloom.  Green is the colour of ordinary time in nature as well as in church.  We give thanks too for the people with whom we share our ordinary lives – families, friends and colleagues.  Those special people whom we love and who support us throughout our lives, often in very ordinary ways.

No, Ordinary Time needn’t be boring or mundane – and ordinary though it may be it is still a time to enjoy and treasure.

From David – your ordinary minister!